Rajnish Wellness has contributed towards the well-being of customers with diverse range of ayurvedic & ethical medicinal products. We are the brand that offers various sexual wellness, personal care and over-the-counter Ayurvedic products to enhance the quality of our customer’s life! Your well-being is our priority!
Our products are sold in many pharmacies across India and have gained popularity for its superior quality. Quality is our foundation and we raise the bar of our quality parameters with every new product. Every product is put through strict quality test and approved by state & national medical authorities.
You deserve the best!, We offer the YOU the best!, Be Healthy! Be Happy!
Rajnish Wellness is the leading company selling various ayurvedic and ethical products for sexual wellness, personal and medical care of the masses. Due to stressful life, people face many challenges in general and sexual health. Rajnish Wellness aims to provide solutions to enhance the well-being of common people through its range of products helping them achieve the highest health goals. We continue to deliver the superior quality and highly effective products, so that people choose to live heathily and happily. Whether it is personal care or sexual wellness product, all are available in major pharmacies and e-commerce sites across the country. We have alternate retail platforms and chain of distributors to deliver our products in semi-urban and rural areas too.
Wellness is Happiness! Your Happiness is our Success!



We care for your physical, psychological, and social well-being! Our only aim is to provide you with products made just for your highest good! Our products should only have a positive influence on your well-being and give you absolute peace of mind whenever you order our products!


Wellness is more than just being free form stress or illness- it is about the decisions and choices we make to live our life with vitality and meaning. Modern medicines just aim to simply cure symptoms and provide you relief! We believe in dynamic cure to completely uproot the illness from your system to give you life-long well-being