Rajnish Wellness

Rajnish Wellness is the extension and expansion of Rajnish Hot Deal Pvt Ltd. With the exponential growth success of Rajnish Hot Deals Pvt Ltd., the company has now transcended to a Public Limited Company. It started as a small teleshopping venture with the name- Quick Service (QS) Advertising in the year 2009 and has grown philosophically and physically into a brand in ayurvedic product industry dedicated to people’s personal and sexual wellness.

Continuing with the legacy of our popular brands, we deliver high-quality and effective products that help achieve highest wellness in personal and sexual life of our consumers. 


We care for your physical, psychological, and social well-being! Our only aim is to provide you with products made just for your highest good! Our products should only have a positive influence on your well-being and give you absolute peace of mind whenever you order our products!


Wellness is more than just being free form stress or illness- it is about the decisions and choices we make to live our life with vitality and meaning. Modern medicines just aim to simply cure symptoms and provide you relief! We believe in dynamic cure to completely uproot the illness from your system to give you life-long well-being

Our Brands